Friday, October 19, 2012

Houses: Early 20th Century

Above: the Y.J. Pope (Young John Pope) home that eventually became Speer Street School

Above: view is looking west on Main from near the intersection of Glenn Street and Main Street

                       Below: the NE corner of Main Street and Glenn Street circa 1909

Above: Harper Street, view is looking up (south) Crenshaw Street toward Main Street

Above: looking west on Boundary toward the intersection with Drayton Street

Below: looking north on Caldwell Street; Goggans/Barron house is to the right; railroad is to photographer's back

Above: This home is on the NE corner of Cheek Street and College Street and is now referred to as the Dufford House and is owned by Newberry College.

Above: SW corner of Main Street and Summer Street

Above: NW corner of Calhoun Street and Johnstone Street, 1909

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